Can Cats Eat Hot Dogs? Complete Answer

Can Cats Eat Hot Dogs? Complete Answer

The answer is no, cats can’t eat hot dogs cooked or raw. Cats can’t properly digest the flesh that makes up hot dogs, so they shouldn’t be fed with them. Your cat can feel unwell or experience digestive issues, like vomiting and diarrhea after eating hot dogs. If your cat eats hot dogs, for example, it probably won’t die but it will have a high probability of getting sick. Therefore, I recommend avoiding feeding hot dogs to your cat since you can prevent negative effects and sickness to your pet.

In terms of nutrition, hot dogs fall short. These processed meats like hot dogs are high in fat and sodium, so eating them can have negative health effects not only for cats but even for people.

What should you do if your cat accidentally eats hot dogs?

It doesn’t matter how your cat manages to get and eat hot dogs, whether your cat gets a hot dog when you’re not looking or someone else fed it without knowing keep an eye on your pet for at least 48 hours to see if it throws up, has diarrhea, or loses appetite. If your cat has any of these symptoms for more than 48 hours you should contact your cat’s primary care veterinarian.

What components of a hot dog are dangerous to your cat?

In a summary, the following ingredients go into making hot dogs:

  • Base protein, typically beef or pork
  • abundant salt
  • Spices, Sugar, and Water (varies based on the brand)
  • Starch
  • grain syrup
  • Chicken or beef stock

It is immediately apparent that hot dogs were not intended for consumption by cats. Hot dogs have high amounts of salt, corn syrup, starch, and spices, none of which are found in cat chow, so this is very alarming. In fact, it could poison your cat if taken in big quantities.

Cats’ salt poisoning Symptoms

You should watch out for the following seven symptoms of salt poisoning in your cat if it has excessively consumed hot dogs or other foods high in sodium.

  1. Dehydration
  2. Vomiting
  3. Diarrhea
  4. extreme thirst
  5. often urinating
  6. ambiguity and lack of coordination
  7. seizures and tremors

What type of meat should you feed your cat instead of hot dogs?

Although hot dogs aren’t on the list of cat-friendly human foods, cats are carnivores, meaning they need to eat meat to survive. Fortunately, there are safe meat alternatives you may give your pet. There are healthy substitutes available, such as freeze-dried chicken and shrimp. These delicacies are also convenient to store. If you’re looking for a high-quality substitute, Churu is a terrific smearable treat that most cats adore.

You can feed the following meats to your cat:

  • Boneless and cooked turkey
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Sardines
  • boiled chicken that is boneless and skinless


I hope you found the Complete Answer to why can’t cats eat hot dogs, however, the decision about your pet’s life must ultimately be made by you, the pet owner. However, hot dogs shouldn’t be a part of your cat’s diet if you want to ensure that they live the healthiest possible lives.

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