Can Neon Tetra Live with Bettas? Top Things You Must Know

Can Neon Tetra Live with Bettas? Top Things You Must Know

Fish keepers often wonder if their Neon Tetra can live happily with Bettas. The answer is yes, as long as the tank is large enough and the water parameters are suitable for both species. However, it is important to note that Neon Tetras are schooling fish and should be kept in a group of at least six. Bettas can be territorial, so it’s important to provide plenty of hiding places for both species in the tank. With proper care and monitoring, you can create a peaceful environment where both Neon Tetras and Bettas can live together harmoniously.

If the tank is properly set up and maintained, neon tetras and betta fish can live together. It’s crucial to provide lots of hiding places and keep an eye on the behavior of the fish because bettas can be aggressive and may attack neon tetras if they feel threatened.

Despite being a species that is thought to be aggressive, Betta fish can live together peacefully with Neon Tetras if they are introduced to the same tank at the same time or if they are added to an existing Neon Tetra tank. I recommend avoiding adding Neon Tetra to an established Betta fish tank because the Betta are very territorial and might attack the Neons.

Can neon tetras live with bettas in a 5-gallon tank?

No sorry, you can’t, Neon Tetras can’t live with Bettas in a 5-gallon tank. A 5-gallon tank is too tiny for Neon Tetras, who need to be kept in groups of at least six to be kept safely (ideally no fewer than 10). You cannot add neon fish to your 5-gallon aquarium without overstocking it because a Betta alone requires 3–4 gallons.

If their tank is too tiny and crowded, neon tetra can also grow anxious. They may also feel anxious if there aren’t enough decorations for them to hide in.

How do you tell if your tetra is stressed?

Stress is a common problem for tetras and can have a negative effect on their health, behavior, and overall well-being. Knowing how to tell if your tetra is stressed is essential in order to provide the best care for them. Fortunately, there are some signs that you can look out for that will help you determine if your tetra is feeling stressed.

 Signs and steps to reduce stress levels in your tank

  1. If your tetra is spending a lot of time hiding in the plant canopy, it could be indicating that there is some stress going on in your tank. Tetras have been found to hide during stressful times as a way to avoid being seen and targeted by predators. If this sign becomes more frequent over time, you should investigate what might be stressing them out so you can take steps to reduce their stress levels
  2. They are rapidly swimming in circles: If your tetra is rapidly circling in the water, it could mean that they feel a little stressed. If you see this behavior more often than not, you might want to take steps to reduce their stress levels by putting them in a different tank with less light or more plants that they can hide behind.
  3. They are clinging to your body: When you enter your aquarium and start cleaning up, sometimes fish will cling to you as a way of feeling safe or just being close to other humans (or other animals). It’s okay for them to do this! But if your tetra is constantly clinging to you, they may be feeling anxious or stressed. You should take steps to calm your tetra and give them a hiding place.


Another way you can tell if your Neon Tetra is suffering stress is its color. Losing color in your neon tetra is a sign that your fish are under stress. Your tetras may lose their color and seem pale as a result of stress brought on by unfavorable water conditions and a lack of light in the tank.

Why is my betta chasing neon tetras?

If you have recently noticed that your betta fish is chasing neon tetras, it could be a sign of aggression. While this behavior is not uncommon in bettas, it is important to understand the underlying cause of this behavior and take appropriate action to prevent it from happening again.

Betta may hunt neon tetras for a variety of reasons, like bad water quality, overcrowded tanks, or for control over a certain area. Also, as I said before adding Neon Tetras to a tank that already contains Betta can stress the Betta out.

It is commonly known that Neon Tetras are fin nippers, whereas Bettas are aggressive. Although keeping neon tetras and Bettas is generally safe, several individuals have expressed concern about neon tetras and Bettas attacking each other.


The answer to the question of whether Neon Tetra and Bettas can live together is a complex one. While it is possible for them to coexist in the same tank, it is important to be aware of the risks involved. Neon Tetras are much smaller than Bettas and may become stressed or even injured if they are housed together without proper care. Additionally, Bettas may become aggressive toward their tank mates due to territoriality. Therefore, it is important that owners take time to research both species and create an environment that will suit their individual needs before attempting to house them together.

In conclusion, Neon Tetra can live with Bettas, but only under the appropriate circumstances. Your betta must, first and foremost, be calm and accustomed to living in a tank with others. With adequate filtration and weekly partial water changes, you may keep 6 to 8 neon fish safely in a 10-gallon with one male betta.

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