Can Oscar Fish See In The Dark?

Can Oscar Fish See In The Dark?

No matter how intriguing it might be, oscar fish cannot see in the dark.  However, oscar fish can navigate through total darkness. The lateral line is a row of pressure-sensitive organs that runs along each side of a fish’s body and enables fish to sense nearby species without actually seeing them by detecting changes in water pressure.

You shouldn’t leave the light on for longer than 12 hours because many Oscars prefer moderate-low lighting. If you keep it on too long, your fish might become agitated and distressed. Since aquarium fish do not require light, it is better to turn it off at night. As fish require a period of darkness to sleep, leaving the light on can stress them out. A dirty-looking tank will result from algae that grows too quickly under too much light. Do not leave your lights on, is the short response.

Do oscar fish eat in the dark?

Not really. The majority of the food will go uneaten because they won’t be able to consume it successfully. It is always better to feed your fish at different times of the day or when the aquarium light is on.

Does Oscar fish sleep at night?

Fish do not have eyelids or a neocortex, unlike birds and mammals can identify sleep by the closure of their eyes and common electrical patterns in their brains. The Oscar, however, shows behavioral quiescence at night, resting motionless on the ground with its eyes directed downward and appearing to sleep. In short, oscar fish do sleep at night.

Do oscar fish see outside the tank?

Yes, Oscar fish can see outside their tank if there is light. They have amazing eyesight and can search the entire room for activity. As they get further away or if it gets dark, their vision will become less clear, making it harder for them to see.


Since your oscar fish can’t see in the dark, they must navigate the dark using their excellent sense of smell. Oscar fish can’t survive in total darkness for very long. Because oscar fish need a healthy difference between day and night, aquarium lights should be switched off at night. Your oscar will become stressed out, lose its color, and get sick if you keep them in complete darkness or constant light.