Can Betta Fish Live With Goldfish?

Can Betta Fish Live With Goldfish?

No, betta fish cannot live with goldfish; these two fish can’t be tankmates for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, you should know that betta fish are tropical fish that prefer water that is between 78- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. While goldfish prefer water of 74 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler.

Betta fish are truly tropical fish (first discovered in the warm waters of Thailand) and require warmer temperatures because of this, whereas goldfish are primarily thought of as cold-water fish. As you can imagine this disparity in requirements can be challenging to control in a single tank, and there is a genuine risk of generating a dangerous temperature shock.

Also, due to the large amount of fish waste that goldfish create, the water contains dangerous levels of ammonia for betta fish. The water in the tank becomes contaminated quickly, demanding larger and more frequent water changes which stress betta fish.

Do bettas and goldfish get along?

Do bettas and goldfish get along? Some betta fish and certain goldfish do get along, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee they make ideal tank mates. One of the most common types of pet fish accessible nowadays is the betta fish and goldfish. Because of their stunning forms, vibrant colors, and unique behaviors, both species are appreciated by fish keepers all over the world. So, it’s understandable why people frequently consider keeping goldfish and betta fish together, but this is not possible due to their difference.

Regardless of the personalities of the fish, bettas and goldfish cannot live together because of their dissimilar habitats and dietary needs. To allow betta fish and goldfish to coexist could be detrimental to both of their health. Warmer temperatures for betta fish can’t prevent goldfish from getting sick or affected with parasites as easily, and lower temps can harm your healthy betta.

Betta vs Goldfish

Here are some differences and reasons why betta fish can’t live with goldfish.

  • Betta fish are aggressive, whereas goldfish generally have a peaceful attitude.
  • Betta fish can be kept in a tiny aquarium, but goldfish need a tank that is at least ten gallons large.
  • Strong filter winds won’t be enjoyable for betta fish, but they will be enjoyable for goldfish.
  • When grown, betta fish don’t get very big, unlike goldfish can get up to a foot long.
  • While goldfish can live until about 10-15 years, betta fish have short lifespans of about 1-5 years.

Remember that fish housed in aquariums can live for a very long time with proper care; however, fish kept in unsuitable environments or with improper care are likely to live for significantly shorter periods of time.

Top reasons why betta Fish and goldfish can’t live together?

Here is the most noticeable list of reasons that betta fish and goldfish can’t be a good tankmates choice.

Goldfish might attempt to eat the betta fish after growing big.

Anything that a goldfish can fit in their jaws, they will attempt to devour. And that might also apply to your betta fish. And keep in mind that your goldfish will eventually get much bigger than your betta fish. Even if your goldfish doesn’t initially want to eat your betta fish, they might change their minds once they get big enough.

In contrast to goldfish, betta fish like warmer water.

Goldfish should be kept in tanks that are 20°C to 23°C (68°F to 74°F) warm, whereas betta fish like water that is 24°C to 27°C (75°F to 80°F) warm. However, if you keep goldfish and betta fish together, you’ll always be forcing your goldfish to live in water that is either too warm or your betta to live in water that is too chilly. Both fish can withstand temperatures outside of their ideal range.

Betta fish and goldfish have distinct diets.

In a shared tank, it may be quite challenging to prevent two fish from sharing food. When you first add food to the tank or later when the fish are looking for leftovers buried in the substrate, some food will inevitably end up in the wrong fish’s mouth. Both goldfish and betta fish will try to eat just about anything, so if they share a tank, you can be sure they’ll wind up sharing food as well. Unfortunately, their nutritional demands are very different.

Compared to goldfish, who are omnivores and don’t require as much protein, betta fish, which are carnivores, benefit from high-protein diets. A goldfish’s diet could become very protein-rich if it consumes a lot of betta food, which could be dangerous for its health.

A large tank is necessary for keeping goldfish.

The waste produced by goldfish is substantial as they get larger. In order to maintain ammonia and other dangerous compounds at appropriate levels, they therefore require a lot of water and frequent water changes. Unfortunately, people frequently keep goldfish in tanks that are too small for them and occasionally add other fish as well, resulting in water pollution. Therefore, it is impossible for a goldfish and other fish such a betta to coexist in the same tank without the risk of dangerously high ammonia levels.

It doesn’t matter if goldfish and betta fish can coexist if your goldfish tank isn’t large enough for your goldfish to have a tank mate at all.


Technically, some goldfish and some betta fish might be able to adapt to living in the same aquarium. Individual fish have appeared to get along perfectly fine in tanks. However, as was previously mentioned, things can also go horribly wrong, leading to fins being bitten, fish trying to eat one another, and one fish having to put up with inappropriate temperatures, low water quality, and diets that are incompatible. So why take a chance?

If you want to have both goldfish and betta fish, you don’t need to buy a gigantic tank for a single male betta fish. Instead of forcing your betta to get along with your goldfish, why not just get them their own tank?

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