Can Betta Fish See In The Dark?

Can Betta Fish See In The Dark? What Does it Vision Look Like?

Betta fish can’t see in the dark, they rely on sunlight to help them recognize their environment and find food because they have poor nocturnal vision. If there is no natural light source, bettas require artificial lighting to meet their essential needs. The leading cause of this is that bettas are not nocturnal creatures, they lack the adaptations necessary to find food or hunt in total darkness.

Betta fish spend most of their nights sleeping, in contrast to most fish, who are known to be nocturnal. Betta fish sleep at night, just like people do. They also take frequently quick naps during the day.

Bettas, like the majority of animals, require both light and darkness to maintain their physical and psychological health. When nightfall arrives, they sleep and conserve their energy. Bettas want to light so they can wake up when it’s time, and they prefer darkness for sleeping. If your tank has an aquarium light, it is likely ideal for you to turn it on when you wake up and turn it off right before bed.

Do betta fish need complete darkness to sleep?

To offer your fish the greatest life possible, you also need to take other measures. For example, you should provide your fish with the ideal balance of light and darkness to preserve its health.

Although fish don’t absolutely require total darkness to sleep, it’s preferable to provide them with the same level of darkness as they would find in their natural habitat. If the lights are on, the betta still falls asleep when they are exhausted, but sleeping in the dark will be healthier for their health in general.

What is a betta fish’s vision like?

Bettas have an excellent short-range vision. They have fairly good color vision and excellent shape perception. They do have some nearsightedness, but Bettas have great taste and smell capabilities, which are really just one sense in fish. Like humans, the majority of fish have chemical sensors in their mouths, on their heads, faces, and, in many fish species, along the sides of their bodies.

Can betta fish see color?

Yes, betta fish can see color, they have fairly good color vision and excellent shape perception. It makes sense to question whether all colors are included in the list. And whether they have a different range of color perception from us.  Betta fish can’t really see the color red, but they can, however, clearly distinguish the colors blue, green, and some others.

The main cause of color blindness in bettas is the environment more than genetics. Brightness varies because different light wavelengths move at various frequencies depending on the color. Longer wavelength colors are harder to see in the water, even with good vision.

Can betta fish see you?

Yes, bettas are able to distinguish between several humans. Additionally, feeding your betta is one of the simplest methods to strengthen your relationship with it because betta fish will always identify the person who feeds them. As a result, betta fish may hide if they feel uneasy or don’t recognize a voice or person.

These fish are perceptive enough to identify their owners and react when they see you. While they might not answer their name or exhibit affection like our hairy sorts of pets do, they can still show interest and loyalty toward their owners and will do so if you take the time to build a good relationship with them. Bettas are simple to care for, but in order to thrive, they do need some particular care and attention.

Can betta fish hear you?

While fish in general, including betta fish, lack ears, they do have tiny openings in the sides of their heads that, on the inside, host a hearing apparatus. In other words, betta fish are able to hear. In fact, that is one method they can recognize the presence of predators.

Can betta fish see outside the tank?

Yes, betta fish can see objects placed outside their tank, according to studies. Most tropical aquarium fish like betta can see objects clearly up to a few feet away from their aquarium and can detect motion up to ten feet away (3.04 m). Fish did not develop good distance vision because they developed in an aquatic environment that absorbs and scatters light over relatively short distances.


As I previously mentioned, Betta fish can’t really see in the dark because they have somewhat limited vision in the dark. Betta can readily navigate the aquarium throughout the day, eat their food, and get around. But you should avoid leaving the lights on all the time and keep in mind that your betta fish need the dark to stay healthy. Betta fish need to sleep, and maintaining a dark betta tank at regular intervals is essential to keeping them healthy in the long run.

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