Can Dog Be Spayed While In Heat? Risks And Benefits

Can Dog Be Spayed While In Heat? Risks And Benefits

Yes, dogs can be spayed while in heat; however, spaying your pet during her heat cycle carries more risks and offers few benefits. All female dogs not intended for reproducing should be spayed prior to their second heat cycle. This is primary due to the high risk of pyometra (uterine infection) or mammary cancer later in life. Another risk is that blood clotting is less effective, and the blood flow to the reproductive organs that are being removed during the spay process can increase significantly.

Also, when a dog is spayed within the first two months of being in heat, there is a slight chance that a very spectacular false pregnancy will take place. While a dog is in heat, spaying usually takes up to 30 minutes longer and may need to utilize a surgical laser, which adds to the overall cost of the procedure and risks. Because of all of this situation  not all veterinarians will feel confident spayed a dog while is in heat.

Spaying your dog before its first heat cycle is preferable. It significantly lowers the chance of mammary cancers. The incidence of mammary cancers in dogs is significantly increased when owners delay neutering them until after their second heat.

How long after heat can you spay a dog?

Most veterinarians often advise waiting 2 to 3 months after your dog’s heat cycle is fully over before spaying her if she has gone into heat. Prior to her upcoming heat cycle, you have plenty of time.

How can you tell when a dog’s heat is finished? A dog’s heat typically lasts for two to four weeks. A female dog may not be receptive to male dogs early in the cycle, while others remain receptive the entire cycle. You’ll know the cycle is ended when all of her vulva returns to its normal size and there is no more bleeding or discharge—it could be shorter or longer.

What is the best age to spay a female dog?

For toy breed puppies or tiny breed puppies, six to nine months of age may be the right time to neuter or spay them. But larger or gigantic breed puppies may need to wait until they are close to or older than 12 to 18 months of age.

Do female dogs change after being spayed? Some dogs may experience irritability or anxiety, while others may experience pain. Dogs who have been spayed do not experience these hormonal shifts, therefore their behavior might be more stable. After being spayed, females may behave less aggressively toward humans and dogs.

The pain from spays or neuter procedures is usually more of a discomfort that may only last a few days and should go away entirely in about a week. It’s a good idea to call your veterinarian for more guidance if your pet is in pain or discomfort for more than a few days.

What age is too late to spay on a dog? Six to nine months is the suggested window for dog spaying or neutering. However, there is no set age limit for having the surgery done if your dog is healthy.

What Are the Stages of a Dog in Heat?

The following are the 4 stages of a dog in heat:

  • Proestrus: This stage typically lasts nine days, however it can last up to 27 days.
  • Estrus: A period of time that lasts four to 24 days.
  • Diestrus: Your dog isn’t interested in guys anymore.
  • Anestrus: Is between one diestrus and the following proestrus.


It is possible to spay on a dog when it is in heat, but the risk of complications is higher. The body’s levels of the estrogen hormone rise during the heat cycle. This makes the uterus expand and could make it challenging to find the ovaries. Additionally, the reproductive tract receives more blood during this time. This could result in severe bleeding during the procedure, which could cause shock and ultimately death.

Therefore, it is technically possible. You should examine to neuter your pet during her heat due to the increased risk of complications. There are frequently ways to postpone an event till it is finished, like keeping your pet inside.

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