Can Guppies Fish See In The Dark?

Can Guppies Fish See In The Dark?

No, guppies fish can’t see in the dark. Guppies stop seeing as soon as you turn off the light in the aquarium. You should keep the lights on while you are feeding them. But guppies don’t need light at night. Guppies are nocturnal, they sleep at night and they’re awake during the day. Leaving the lights on at night will prevent your guppy fish from sleeping and resting.

Guppies actually sleep at night when it is dark. Although their sleep pattern is unknown, it is certain that they relax when the lights are off. Most likely, if you have a planted guppy tank, your aquarium has lights that need to be turned on and off every night.

Can Guppies Eat In The Dark?

No, guppies can’t really find food and eat in the dark. Feeding nocturnal fish, such as guppies, mollies, and goldfish, during the day will provide them with optimum nutrition. It is not advisable to feed your fish at night after turning off the lights since they will find it difficult to navigate the food and most of it will end up uneaten.

How Much Light Do Guppies Need?

Guppies fish should receive 6 to 10 hours of light each day. Any more than that will just cause them stress, which will impair their immune system. Similarly, anything less than that will have a comparable impact.

It may experience eyesight issues if your guppy fish is overexposed to light. In addition to stressing out the fish, the strong light can also result in additional health issues. Guppy fish’s color will start to deteriorate and the tank’s algae bloom will make it smaller and your pet fish will suffocate.

How Do Guppies See Underwater in The Dark?

For nighttime navigation, guppies do not, however, use their eyes. Instead, they make use of their lateral lines, which give them a greater awareness of adjacent creatures and things through pressure variations in the water.

Can Your Guppies Fish See Outside The Tank?

Yes, guppies can see outside their tank. As long as they can see outside their bowl, tank, or another container, they do comprehend the idea that there is living space outside. Guppies fish have a decent vision. In addition, they have great hearing too. And they are very smart, guppies can identify their feeders, exactly like a dog or cat.


Guppy fish are unable to see in the dark. Only objects that are lit by a light source are visible to them. They significantly rely on their sense of smell at night to find food and escape predators. Guppy fish have excellent vision during the day, but their vision is less clear at night or in low light. They can detect motion in the dark and frequently swim toward the direction of light sources.  Guppies need light to see and locate food. Guppy fish will eventually stress out, get ill, and starve to death in the absence of light.

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