Do Poodle Dogs Smell? Simple Things You Should Know

Do Poodle Dogs Smell? Simple Things You Should Know

Dogs are adorable and there is nothing like hugging and playing with our pets. However, when a dog smells bad things can drastically change. Do poodle dogs smell bad? The answer is it depends. I said it depends because every dog breed can smell bad if pet parents don’t take care of them.

However, poodles are well-known for being tidy dogs that don’t have the regular doggy scent that many other breeds have. Because they are hypoallergenic and have less dander than some other breeds, poodles don’t smell as bad as other dog breeds. They also don’t shed much. But, if proper hygiene is not achieved, they may develop some unpleasant scents. But Poodle dogs can be expensive to maintain because they require monthly professional grooming, and it can get expensive.

Why does my Poodle dog smell even after a bath?

Your poodle smell should go away after a bath. If your pet still smells bad after a bath there may be external irritants, allergies, burns, or bacterial, viral, parasite, or fungal diseases.  If your poodle still smells after a bath, is overly scratching or licking, has a lot of scaling, or is rubbing itself on the carpet, I recommend you take your dog to the vet as soon as you can.

Do toy poodle dogs smell

As I said before any dog can smell including toy poodles. If your pet smells try using a high-end shampoo, conditioner, and finishing spray while bathing your Poodle every three weeks. To remove accumulated, antiquated body oil, be sure to exfoliate all the way down to the skin. The objective is to thoroughly clean the skin and coat it.

Poodles typically have no odor, which is helpful for people with sensitive noses. Poodles are classified as high-society dogs and it’s also wonderful for those who have allergies to dogs. And better still, they hardly ever shed any fur. All this means nothing if people don’t how to take care of their pets.

Why do Poodles smell like fish?

The most frequent source of fishy odors in dogs is typically anal sac disorders, but they can also indicate dental problems, digestive problems, or infections. Dogs have tiny sacs that sit on each side of their anus and secrete a liquid with a characteristic scent that makes them easily recognizable to other canines.

Poodles can also smell like feet. The mix of bacteria, fungus, and yeast, sometimes known as the skin microbiome, that typically works in conjunction peacefully on your dog’s skin is the cause of the Frito foot phenomenon. Your dog may smell from time to time when some odious microorganisms proliferate and outnumber others.

Sick poodle dogs not only can smell but they can also be aggressive.


Poodles have the reputation of being clean, but like other dogs, poodle can smell bad. Poodles like other dog breeds need your attention. For example, poodles can be very clean, but they are unable to brush or floss their own teeth, therefore plaque may be a source of the stink. The majority of animals require routine veterinary removal of this accumulation and other types of hygiene.

Besides being one of the cleanest dog breeds out there poodles don’t constantly shed as the majority of canines do. Poodles are also very smart and they can be service dogs. This makes them a very suitable fit for a household with a family member who is allergic to dog hair.  But it is essential that you know how to take care of your poodle’s hygiene the same way you take care of its diet.