Why Are Dogs Eyes Red? Causes And Treatment

Why Are Dogs Eyes Red? Causes And Treatment

Your dog’s eyes can turn red if they have an infection, irritation from allergies, dryness, or physical damage, just like our own do. Red eyes don’t always represent a serious threat. Tiredness and stress can cause red eyes in humans as well as in dogs.

It may develop incidentally as a result of an irritant like soap or smoke or an invasive foreign substance like dust, hair, or grass. Eye infections may also be brought on by viruses such as canine influenza, herpes, distemper, and herpes simplex. Swollen eyes have also been linked to parasites and funguses.

Dogs’ red eyes can be very serious in some cases and your pet may need to visit the vet. I discussed the most common reasons and possible solutions for red eyes in dogs in great detail in this article.

Why are the whites of my dog’s eyes red?

An increase in inflammation could cause the white of your dog’s eyes to turn red. Inflammation may cause the eyelids to seem red, or it may be causing by swollen blood vessels on the sclera, the white part of the eye. The blood vessels may become enlarged or engorged with blood as a result of an internal or external condition affecting the eye.

Red eyes in dogs can also be a symptom of the conditions mentioned above as well as other illnesses like distemper or chronic illnesses like diabetes or hyperthyroidism. Moreover, red eyes may be a sign of a tumor or specific cancers.

Why are my dog’s eyes red and droopy?

Red and drooping eyes in your dog can occur for a number of causes as I discussed above, it can be trauma, foreign object, allergies, and a variety of eye diseases including glaucoma, conjunctivitis, and dry eye. If your dog has red eyes, you can treat certain problems at home, but there are some that require professional attention.

Dog’s red eyes causes and treatment

Fleas, pollen, dust mites, certain foods, some home cleaners, scents, dander, feathers, and smoke are some of the most typical causes of dog allergies. You should clean your dog after going outside. You should use dog-safe cleaning products, your dog’s bowl clean, and don’t spray strong perfumes around your dog. Buying an air purifier can help eliminate airborne allergens if your dog has extremely severe allergies.

An ice compress can frequently reduce inflammation. A cool, damp washcloth is typically the simplest and most comfortable way to apply a compress to a dog’s red, itching eye. You may also get non-frozen, soft ice packs and cold compresses online or from pharmacies.

If things are really bad taking your dog to the vet for allergy testing is the best method to manage red eyes caused by allergies. Your veterinarian and you can determine what your dog is allergic to. Then you can treat and eliminate the problematic objects from your home, and alter your dog’s diet if necessary, or your veterinarian may suggest specific medication.


You can wait a few hours after noticing your dog’s red or itchy eyes to see if they go away on their own. If your dog agrees, you can look inside their eyes and the area around their eyelids to see if anything might be the source of the issue.

Cleaning the area around the eyelids with a lukewarm, damp paper towel will work for mild irritations like loose hair. Call your veterinarian to get advice if that doesn’t help to resolve the red eye.

Your veterinarian might give you permission to give your dog an over-the-counter medication. They can also advise you on whether to bring your dog in for a checkup. Since dogs’ red eyes can cause by many different things treatment will also vary.

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