Why Do Chihuahuas Sleep So Much? All You need To Know

Why Do Chihuahuas Sleep So Much? All You need To Know

You might be here looking for a solution or even concerned about why your chihuahua is sleeping so much. You might even be thinking your pet is lazy but that is not the case. There’s nothing wrong with your chihuahua and your pet isn’t lazy either.

Chihuahuas’ brains require something to capture their attention in order to feel inspired and engage in an activity. It should come as no surprise that your Chihuahua sleep a lot or more than usual when there is nothing to do. Chihuahuas require interaction to become playful since they are very physical pets.

How many hours do chihuahuas sleep?

While most breeds are content with 10 to 14 hours of sleep per day, chihuahuas are notorious for sleeping the majority of the time. Chihuahuas sleep a lot! An adult chihuahua often sleeps from 14 to 18 hours each day. This covers both naps taken at night and those taken throughout the day.

While a Chihuahua puppy will sleep for 18 to 23 hours every day. Typically, they will only awaken to nurse, which takes about every two hours. Around the third week, the Chihuahua puppy’s lengthy sleeping patterns start to shift noticeably.

Age is a significant factor in a dog’s sleeping patterns. Chihuahua puppies, as previously indicated, are more active than most other breeds’ puppies, which accounts for their 18 to 20-hour sleep marathons.

On the other hand, older dogs have a propensity for sleeping for longer stretches than younger dogs. On average, Chihuahuas sleep for about 14 hours, so don’t be shocked if your senior Chihuahua sleeps well past 17 hours every day.

Is it normal for chihuahuas to sleep a lot?

It is completely normal for chihuahuas dogs breed to sleep a lot. Unless you know your pet is sick sleeping too much won’t be a problem. For their natural way of being, Chihuahuas are frequently thought to be inactive, yet they are actually highly vivacious and lively.

The intelligence and learning speed of chihuahuas are astounding. They are eager to please and take to positive training techniques effectively. They may compete effectively in dog sports like agility and obedience competitions.

However, keep an eye out for sudden changes in sleeping patterns or habits as they could indicate an illness if your dog sleeps for an unusually long period of time. It may be time to call the vet if you’ve noticed your dog is sleeping much more than usual to be sure nothing more serious is going on. Many health conditions could be the cause of your Chihuahua’s increased, decreased, or change in sleeping patterns.

The cause could potentially be more complicated problems, like thyroid ailment, cancer, or an unidentified cardiac illness. But a change in sleeping patterns is not always a sign of a serious illness, which is good news. Sometimes all it takes to improve sleep is a diet change. 

Why do chihuahuas sleep under covers?

Why do chihuahuas sleep under covers?

It’s more likely for a Chihuahua to sleep under the covers because of its reputation as a burrower in general. A Chihuahua performs this not just for fun but also for comfort. Your Chihuahua will probably sleep beneath the covers since that is where it feels safe, even if it is not cold in your home. Being close to you makes your Chihuahua feel less exposed since your dog views you as its protector.

During the day, Chihuahuas are known for going beneath the pillows on your couch or the covers in your beds in order to warm their legs and ears.


Chihuahuas go above and above by sleeping 14 to 18 hours every day. The majority of the time, your Chihuahua will naturally sleep through the day, but occasionally, a shift in their sleeping patterns may indicate a health issue. For this reason, it’s crucial to be knowledgeable about the most typical reasons for their excessive sleeping patterns and how to handle any urgent problems that may arise.

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