At What Temperature Do Cats Get Cold?

At What Temperature Do Cats Get Cold?

At what temperature do cats get too cold? Temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit or below is considered cold for cats.  If the temperature is at 45 degrees or below will become not tolerated for your cat and your pet may start frostbite on its ears, tails, and toes.  And if your cat spends a lot of time exposed to this cold weather it runs the risk of developing hypothermia.

Some cats may get cold even faster if they are hairless. If your pet is hairless it may need to wear a sweater indoors most of the time rather than just when it’s cold outside because they are extremely sensitive to cold or to even to the air conditioning. Cat’s internal body temperature is similar to humans, cats feel the heat or chill similar to a person.

How do you know if your cat is getting too cold?

You’ll know your cat may be feeling cold if your cat does or is presenting one of the following symptoms:

  • Your cat’s ears, paws, and tail tip feel cold.
  • Your cat is attempting to raise his body temperature by walking close to the radiator or sleeping nearby.
  • Your cat is tucking his paws and tail under him.
  • It’s reasonable to assume that your cat is attempting to warm up if he’s firmly glued to your lap.
  • Kittens who are feeling cold will spend a lot of time close to you seeking heat.

Your cat may have hypothermia if your pet is presenting the following symptoms:

  • Weakness
  • Shivering
  • inadequate mental acuity
  • 82 to 90°F) mild hypothermia symptoms include:
  • tense muscles
  • minimal blood pressure
  • Unresponsive, drowsy state
  • breathing quickly and shallowly
  • Less than 82°F) severe hypothermia symptoms include:
  • eyes that are fixed and dilated.
  • heartbeat too quiet
  • breathing challenges

I recommend making an appointment as soon as possible if your pet has any of the symptoms above.

How to keep your cat warm inside?

These are the best ways to keep your cat warm inside.


Your cat spends most of its time inside and has a fur coat, so you might not think that it can get cold, but it does. It’s crucial to understand the symptoms when your cat is cold and when it’s necessary to raise the temperature because cats can get cold even with AC. Also try not to take your cat outside when the temperature is 45 degree or below. Or if you have to take your cat outside you can dress your cat with winter clothes to avoid hypothermia.

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