Do Cats and Bunnies Get Along? Step-By-Step Introduction

Do Cats and Bunnies Get Along?

Yes, if properly introduced, cats and bunnies can get along very well.  But always keep in mind that cats are predators and that rabbits are prey. Introducing a rabbit to a cat can be dangerous if your cat has a predatory nature attitude. Both cats and rabbits require freedom to move around and play, yet a running or hopping bunny may set off a cat’s hunting instinct. The best course of action is to create visual boundaries between the cat and rabbit so that the cat can feel more at ease and the rabbit can feel more secure.

Are cats a threat to rabbits?

The majority of cats are always viewed as natural predators in the wild. Therefore, given your cat’s inclination for hunting, it is extremely likely that it will attack your rabbit. An altercation or an attack is entirely feasible if your pet cat has a hunting instinct. A cat attacking a rabbit is always a possibility. These two animals are in fact natural rivals in the wild.

Are rabbits at risk from cats? Yes, cats can be harmful to rabbits, some cats more than others. Because they are predators, cats are raised to hunt animals like rabbits. Although not all cats have a strong hunting instinct, owners should always presume their cat may attack a pet rabbit and never leave them together unattended. At least at first.

Read below how you can introduce cats and bunnies for them to get along.

How do you introduce a rabbit to a cat?

Here is a gradual introduction of a bunny and a cat.

You’ve made the decision to add a cat or a bunny to your current pet family. How do you introduce a rabbit to it appropriately, or the other way around? The first meeting between your pets and you will prove to be crucial because it will determine how the two of them will interact in the future.

  1. Establish a calm setting.

The cat and the rabbit need to be at their best, relaxed and peaceful, before they meet. This is especially true for the rabbit, whose initial tension and agitation will be greatly increased by the cat’s presence. Make sure they are well-fed, rested, and happy to help them feel as comfortable as possible. The meeting location is crucial and should be calm and roomy. To avoid the pets feeling territorial or under pressure from outside factors, choose a neutral location for both animals, preferably somewhere they don’t stay, eat, or sleep.

  1. Safety first (secure your pet rabbit)

The rabbit should be in its cage before being introduced to a cat. The rabbit needs to be kept in a secure location that is safe from the cat’s potential abrupt reactions in order for the relationship to take place. To make it more inviting, fill the cage or carrier with some hay, food, snacks, and water. Make sure it has enough space for the animal to move about and jump around in.

  1. Pets familiarization

The transfer of fragrance from one animal to another and vice versa falls under this category. The method lessens the stress and adverse effects of the sudden change. Take a clean cloth or towel, softly stroke the back of one pet, then stroke the other animal with the same fabric. To make sure the pets are adjusted to the new smells, repeat the process numerous times.

  1. Physical interaction

The rabbit should be kept secure in a closed cage while the cat is allowed to go free. Let the animals become accustomed to one other’s smell, movement, and attitude. It will take some time before you can let the rabbit out of the bag but make an effort to allow for engagement for at minimum an hour each day. Remove the cat and try again later if you see that the rabbit is becoming very agitated and threatened.

  1. Monitor their physical integration

You must always be there while the animals are interacting. When you see high levels of intolerance and anxiety, keep an eye on their behavioral patterns and take control of the situation by separating the animals. It’s important to avoid pushing things because stress might negatively affect the rabbit’s overall health and well-being.

Introduction between two babies’ pet is always easier and simpler. The same is true for kittens and baby rabbits. The likelihood of a successful, lasting relationship is frequently increased by growing up together.


The likelihood of a good interspecies friendship developing between a cat and a rabbit is increased if you introduced them while they are young. If two animals are raised together, they will put aside any conflict and play together happily and get along very well. The acceptance of one another is harder is less likely in older pets. Remember that both cats and bunnies are territorial. As a result, you’ll need to control their relationship to prevent jealousy amongst them.

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